Coaching Master Classes

Some of our Master Classes are open to the public. For these, you do not need to have completed or be enrolled in the MentorCoach Foundations program; nor need you be a graduate of our training program.

But some Master Classes are restricted to graduates of Foundations and those seeking certification. These restricted master classes are indicated by the word ALL in the first column, meaning the course is required for all forms of certification at MentorCoach. Otherwise, any student may take any of our Master Classes, including those required for specialized certifications (designated H & W, EXEC, and ADHD in the chart below).

In the leftmost column of the chart, we have indicated the types of certification for which each class is required:

Health and Wellness Certification

Executive Coaching Certification

ADHD Coaching Certification

Positive Psychology Coaching Certification

All MentorCoach and ICF Certifications

All class times listed are US Eastern Time.

1st & 3rd Wednesday
4:30 pm
Starts 9/4/24
5:00 pm
Starts 9/17/24
2nd & 4th Monday
1:00 pm
Starts 11/25/24
Bryan J. Dik, PhD
Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D.
Classic Master Classes

For Classic MentorCoach Master Classes Taught by World Experts and Available by Recording, Click Here.

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