pp-adhdMentorCoach is proud to announce the following exciting master class:

Positive Psychology and ADHD Coaching Master Class

With Alan R. Graham, Ph.D., PCC, MCAC

Begins October 24, 2022  
13 Mondays at 12:00 noon Eastern 
All Time Zones

13 60-minute classes
13 hours of CEs and ICF CCEUs
13 hours Toward Coach Certification

Or 3 Payments of $249
(plus optional $75 for CA BBS CEs)
(plus optional $20 for ICF CCEs)
Class size limited. First come, first served.

alan-grahamHear Alan Graham, Dean of the ADHD Coach Training Program, and Ben Dean talk about this class: How it’s structured; How ADHD coaching skills are taught. How Alan, now nationally known as an ADHD coach and trainer, first got interested in ADHD and how his own career development will inform this class. Plus more (24 mins).
Click here to stream the audio or download an mp3 here

ribbonBecome a Certified ADHD Coach. By taking this course, you will have completed 13 hours toward the 38 ADHD coach-specific training hours needed for certification as a Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) through the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC).
Click here for more certification information.

1. About the Class

campusThe Positive Psychology and ADHD Coaching Master Class is for coaches with experience working with individuals with AD/HD or who have a very strong interest in doing so. This class can also be of benefit to coaches who work with clients who struggle with organization, prioritization and time management. This is a twelve-hour class.

At the conclusion of this class, each participant will have a toolkit of practical interventions that can be used immediately in their coaching. Topics covered include: the logistics of AD/HD coaching, time management, social skills, relationships, maintaining self-esteem, working with children and adolescents, acceptance of the diagnosis.

In this interactive class, participants are encouraged, but not required, to bring case vignettes of individuals with AD/HD they have worked with in coaching or other helping interactions. We will use these cases to elaborate on the many approaches one can take when working with this population.

2. Learning Objectives


  • Know the unique core competencies required on an ADHD coach.
  • Learn what positive psychology interventions facilitate ADHD coaching.
  • Identify the techniques and approaches to coaching individuals with ADHD and their families that differ from general coaching skills.
  • Increase knowledge of the biological bases of ADHD and the phenomenological experience of individuals with ADHD.
  • Create a toolkit of practical interventions to use with clients with ADHD symptoms or with clients who have challenges with organization, prioritization, time management and relationships.

3. Resources

resourcesAlan Graham will provide a rich and varied reading list of books, web sites and other resources to help support an ADHD Coaching practice. Homework will be assigned with class members having rotating homework partners. Homework will include readings, role-playing coaching and discovery of ADHD coaching interventions to be shared with the class.

4. The Thirteen Weeks

Class 1 What is AD/HD Coaching?
Class 2 What are the AD/HD Core Competencies?
Class 3 Setting the Stage for Coaching
Class 4 The Experience of the Client with AD/HD
Class 5 AD/HD and the Brain
Class 6 Goal Setting Orientation
Class 7 Daily Living, Time Management
Class 8 Work and/or School Issues and Organizational
Class 9 Social Skills and Relationships
Class 10 Building and Maintaining Self-Esteem
Class 11 Coaching with Parents and Children and Teens: Part 1
Class 12 Coaching with Parents and Children and Teens: Part 2
Class 13 Collaborating with Other Professionals, Conclusion

5. The Class Schedule

Begins October 24, 2022
13 Mondays at 12:00 noon Eastern
All Time Zones

ClassTime (Eastern)
1. October 24, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
2. October 31, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
3. November 7, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
4. November 14, 2022 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm
5. November 21, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
6. November 28, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
7. December 5, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
8. December 12, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
9. December 19, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
December 26, 2022NO CLASS
January 2, 2023NO CLASS
10. January 9, 202312:00 noon to 1:00 pm
11. January 16, 202312:00 noon to 1:00 pm
12. January 23, 202212:00 noon to 1:00 pm
13. January 30, 202312:00 noon to 1:00 pm

6. Open to All
There are no prerequisites for this class. It is open to all, both within the MentorCoach Community and without.

7. Coach Certification

diplomaThis class provides thirteen hours toward toward the 38 ADHD coach-specific training hours needed for certification as a Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) through the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC). This class also provides thirteen hours toward MentorCoach Certification for students meeting the class attendance requirement (See #10 below.) It can also provide thirteen hours toward ICF Certification via an Accredited Coach Training Program such as MentorCoach or via the ICF Portfolio Approach.

8. ICF Coach Continuing Education

career4This class is approved for 13 hours of ICF CCEUs in Core Competencies from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for students meeting the class attendance requirement (See #10 below.) There is a $20 fee for ICF CCEUs.

9. CEs

This class is approved for 13 hours of CEUs (continuing education units) for Marriage and Family Therapists in California (CA BBS). The CE administration fee is $75.  CEs for psychologists (APA) are not provided for this class.

To receive CEUs, students must pay the CEU fee and be present for 10.5 of the 13 class hours. (See #10, Attendance Requirements.)

Note: The CE fee is $75 and applies only if you are a licensed mental health professional needing CEUs from the CA BBS. Otherwise, when you register, indicate that you do not need to pay the CEU fee by choosing the “Base Unit Price with NO CE’s” registration option.

10. Attendance Requirements

attendance2Every class is recorded. Some students may listen to some or all of the classes by recording at their leisure.

To receive credit for CEs, ICF CCEUs, credit toward MentorCoach or ADHD Coaching Certification, or to receive a Certificate of Completion, students must be present for 10.5 of the 13 class hours.

Listening to the class by recording does not count toward the attendance requirement for receiving CEs, credit toward MentorCoach Certification or ADHD Coaching Certification, ICF CCEUs, or to receive a Class Certificate of Completion.

11. Refund Policy


You may withdraw your registration at any time before the beginning of the second class and receive a full refund. You are responsible for the full tuition amount if you do not withdraw before the beginning of the second class.

About Alan Graham, Ph.D., PCC, MCAC

alangraham2Dr. Alan R Graham, Dean of the MentorCoach ADHD Coach Training Program, teaches this course by global teleconference from his office in Park Ridge, Illinois. As a therapist, coach, educator, author, and presenter, Alan R. Graham, Ph.D., has over two decades of experience helping thousands of ADHD children, adolescents, adults, and their families navigate life’s challenges, and gain the tools they need to manage emotional issues. Initially trained as a secondary and elementary school teacher, Alan furthered his education by obtaining his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Northwestern University and completing his clinical training at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago. Alan was in MCP 3 and is a long standing member of the trainer team for MentorCoach.

Alan has earned the designation of Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation and was a Pod Leader for the Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching Program. Alan also has certification as a Master Certified AD/HD Coach (MCAC) by the Professional Association of AD/HD Coaches (PAAC). He serves on the board of this organization.

Alan’s experience has included working with difficult children and adolescents in therapeutic day schools, inpatient, and outpatient settings. While creating his group practices, ACP Consultants, and the ADD Centers, he also held the position of adjunct professor at the University of Illinois School of Medicine and at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

As a way of giving back to the profession, Alan has served as the chair of the steering committee for the American Psychological Association Psychology in the Workplace Network (PWN).  Alan also served on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Attention Disorders and was on the board of the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC). It is in this spirit of service that, with Dr. Bill Benninger, Alan created ADDvisor.com as a means to share practical information to families and individuals who live with ADHD every day. For six years, ADDvisor.com was honored by CHADD as an Innovative Practice at the CHADD national conference.

Recognized for his work by peers and clients alike, Alan presents and writes on business, coaching and leadership issues, positive psychology, ADHD, child and family issues throughout the United States and internationally. He is the lead author of Lemonade: The Leader’s Guide to Resilience at Work, published in 2012. Alan co-authored the RAW-A, the Resilience at Work Assessment which has been taken by close to 3000 leaders worldwide. Alan’s current edited book is entitled: The Guide to ADHD Coaching:  How to Find One and What to do When You Get One. Alan is married, has three adult children and two grandchildren.

Alan’s office address is: 1580 N Northwest Highway, Suite 311D, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068. His office phone is: 847-824-1235. His email is alan@addvisor.com. His website is www.addvisor.com.

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