MentorCoach has a number of distinctions we think you should know about as you consider whether and where to pursue coach training. Here are several major ways we’re different.

Our Way of Teaching

At MentorCoach, we enjoy an international student body. Our students connect with us from wherever they are—at home, in their offices, on working trips or on vacation. Our students have lives, professional duties, families and other reasons to be where they want to be, not where coach training demands they be. We could certainly offer in-person training where students must repeatedly travel to a certain location and receive 20 hours of training in a hotel room compressed into a weekend.

But the research overwhelmingly shows that spaced learning, distributed over time, provides deeper learning and greater mastery. So we base our training approach on that fact. (We are also happy to spare our students the unnecessary disruption and expense for travel and accommodations.) Our classes each meet once per week, usually for an hour to an hour and a half. Students get the most out of their training by doing homework with a classmate over the phone in addition to participating in class and doing the readings.

Traditionally, our classes have been offered through phone teleconferences. This approach has had its advantages as most coaching is itself done via telephone. Over the next year, however, we will be shifting classes entirely to a video platform. And with the video platform, you’ll still be able to connect via phone or Skype if you need or prefer to.

Attend Our Monthly Introductory Coaching TeleWorkshop

Each month we hold a free, two-hour Positive Psychology and Coaching Teleworkshop. During the call, Ben Dean, Ph.D., MentorCoach® Founder, will introduce you to coaching, share his own career development and provide you with concrete techniques you can use right away. On each call there is a prize drawing for a full $2000 fellowship in a future Foundations course. Teleworkshop information is here.

Our Student Body

At MentorCoach, we have a diversity of gifted students from across the United States and Canada as well as a number of other nations, such as the UK, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Israel, South Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Lebanon, Taiwan, India, China and many more. We attract highly accomplished professionals from a wide variety of fields. Adding top-notch coaching skills to their prior expertise prepares graduates to make coaching a valuable new part of their current work or to make coaching their primary profession.

Students Come from Many Professional Backgrounds

When MentorCoach began in 1997, we focused on those in helping professions (psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, pastoral counselors and nurses) and they continue to have a strong affinity for our program. We consider MentorCoach by far the best coach training available for them.

Over the years, MentorCoach organically broadened to include students from many additional fields. Among our outstanding graduates are business professionals (e.g., a former CFO of AARP), teachers, professional musicians, free-lance writers, IT professionals, engineers, teachers, work-at-home moms, sales professionals, professors and graduate students across a wide array of disciplines, senior consultants, professionals in government, lawyers and more.

What our Students Have in Common

Despite varied academic and professional backgrounds, our students share certain core characteristics. They possess high intelligence, excellent interpersonal skills, a love of learning, a history of professional success and a powerful desire to make life and work better for others They also share a deep interest in coach training that is substantive and based on Positive Psychology research and practice. For you to become a part of this thriving professional community will benefit you in ways you can’t yet imagine.

MentorCoach and Positive Psychology

We believe that the practice of coaching is an art that should be grounded in Positive Psychology research—the scientific study of human flourishing, of what is right about people and what helps to make life better for them.

Our Pioneering Role

In 2002, MentorCoach® partnered with Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, in creating the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program. In its Vanguard Class, 14 of the 17 original pod leaders were MentorCoach® trainers. From 2003-2005, the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program trained 1000 professionals in 19 nations in the theory, assessments, tests, and interventions of Positive Psychology to wide acclaim.

MentorCoach® continues to embrace Positive Psychology as a critical component of our training. We regularly offer Master Classes taught by the world’s leading psychologists such as Roy Baumeister, Barbara Fredrickson, the late Chris Peterson, Robert Emmons, Sonja Lyubomirsky and Michael Frisch. Since 2005, we have also interviewed dozens of thought leaders in Positive Psychology. And our founder, Ben Dean, Ph.D., co-authored the first book in the field of Positive Psychology coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching (Wiley).

Positive Psychology Coaching Integral to Our Training

This exciting new field is incorporated into our wide-ranging Foundations course. It is also featured in positive psychology centered Master Classes such as Career Coaching: North of Neutral, Positive Psychology and ADHD Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry Coaching, and a number of other classes.. See our menu for more about Positive Psychology Coaching or click here for more about how and why Positive Psychology and Coaching are joined together at MentorCoach.

Coaching in Action (CIA) Calls

One way we come together as a community to promote student development is through Coaching in Action (or CIA) Calls. This is a way of modeling good coaching, with many of our faculty demonstrating their skills with a volunteer coaching client. The coaching takes place live on the call with everyone listening in. The call may then shift to teaching about what happened during the session and generally there is time for questions and comments from the larger audience. Our CIA calls happen monthly for the most part and are announced via listserv. They are also recorded and archived for use by our students.

Interviews with Thought Leaders

Just as many educational institutions host lectures on their campuses, we host interviews by teleconference. Our guests are big names with big impact. Each month we interview leaders in coaching, Positive Psychology, and business.

Listeners worldwide participate in these teleconferences by emailing in questions during the call. These intense, extensive 60- to 80-minute conversations have showcased such renowned writers and thinkers as George Vaillant, Steven Pinker, Marshall Goldsmith, Ellen Langer, Phil Zimbardo, Gretchen Rubin, Dan Gilbert, former Medtronics CEO Bill George, Barbara Fredrickson, Seth Godin, Tony Grant, Ed Diener, Shelly Gable, Elliot Aronson, Walter Mischel, Jon Haidt, and many others. You can access a wealth of past interviews here.

Visit our Facebook Page! No PR or fluff, just substance. Join us here for frequent photos, videos, interviews, articles, research, discussion, and the latest about coaching and Positive Psychology. Feel free to “Like” us. Our Facebook Page is here.

Global Outreach and a Culture of Service

At MentorCoach we believe in having a global impact rather than a narrow one. And we encourage a culture of service. Here are some ways we live that out.

  • Our graduates are providing coaching across five continents to help their clients move forward and bring their myriad gifts to the world.
  • Each month we publish The Coaching Toward Happiness News, coaching’s largest newsletter. Read by 131,000 people worldwide, the newsletter is dedicated to applying Positive Psychology research and practice to coaching, work, and life. Read more about The Coaching Toward Happiness News on the home page.
  • We’ve published The All But Dissertation Survival Guide e-newsletter every two weeks since 1987 for a large global readership. It’s dedicated to supporting immensely gifted ABDs (Ph.D. students who are “all but dissertation”) and all other graduate students as they complete their academic work. The ABD Survival Guide (ABDSG) is available here.
  • We provide (and have provided since 1998) thousands of hours of free- and sliding-scale individual and group coaching to ABDSG readers.
  • We teach a service orientation as the basis for marketing as our current students and graduates reach out for new clients. We call it Service Marketing. We consider it a softer but superior way to attract clients. Our students have generally indicated that they are much more comfortable with this approach and they are creative in finding ways to serve others as they build their coaching practices.
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