On February 14, 2020, we had an interview with Bryan Dik, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Colorado State University, Co-Founder of JobZology, frequent speaker on meaning and other vocational topics, and author of the just-published Redeeming Work.

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About the Interview

About Redeeming Work by Bryan Dik, PhD

Those of us in the MentorCoach Community know Bryan as a warm and brilliant teacher.  In 2015, Bryan taught an amazing two month master class for us: “Make Your Job a Calling: Helping Clients Change Their Lives at Work Through the Science and Practice of Vocation.”  One of the greatest master classes we have ever had.  Bryan’s new book, Redeeming Work will be released January 29, 2020.  Our interview will focus on the practical ideas in it. Including about discovering one’s calling when you are a person of faith.   Whether you, yourself, are a person of faith, a subset of your clients are.  Bryan’s ideas are of immense value to all of us.

The world of work is changing rapidly. People of faith trying to discern the right career path may perceive the marketplace as a bewildering and anxiety-provoking place. They might even worry they’ll have to sacrifice their values to have a successful career. How can you hope to find work that is informed by faith?  Redeeming Work was written to answer this question.

Bryan Dik, PhD, is one of the leading psychologists in the world who specialize in vocation. A professor, entrepreneur, and person of faith, Bryan wrote this book as a labor of love after devoting his career to research and development of practical strategies for helping others find purposeful work. His message: there are abundant opportunities for people of faith to forge rewarding careers, congruent with their values.  In Redeeming Work, he shares the tools you need to find these opportunities and pursue them successfully.

Redeeming Work comes with a bonus: free access to an evidence-based online career assessment system called PathwayU. Readers taking this assessment learn about what makes them unique, including what they enjoy (interests), what matters to them (values), their general tendencies (personality), and what they most need from an organization (workplace preferences).

About Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work

In Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work, authors Bryan J. Dik and Ryan D. Duffy explore this powerful idea and help the reader navigate the many challenges—both internal and external—that may arise along the pathway to a sense of calling at work.

In four sections, the authors define the idea of calling, review cutting-edge research on the subject, provide practical guidelines for discerning a calling at all stages of work and life, and explore what calling will look like as workplace norms continue to evolve. They also take pains to present a realistic view of the subject by unpacking the perils and challenges of pursuing one’s higher purpose, especially in an uncertain economy.

The inspiring lessons presented will resound with anyone in any line of work and will show how the power of calling can beneficially shape individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

About jobZology:

Founded by Bryan Dik and another Colorado State Psychologist as well as two business entrepreneurs with backgrounds in engineering management and business development, jobZology is a “people analytics company” designed to help employers match talent to jobs and culture, to find meaningful jobs for individuals, and to better enable educators to “graduate” students into jobs that fit.  The company has strong scientific roots in research and development, and has provisionally patented and trademarked their systems and online tools.


Bryan Dik, Ph.D., is a vocational psychologist, Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University, and co-founder and Chief Science Officer of jobZology. Bryan studies meaning and purpose in the workplace, calling and vocation in career development, and the intersection of faith and work.

Bryan has has served on editorial boards for seven research journals, has published four books (including Redeeming Work and Make Your Job a Calling), and hosts the Purposeful Work Podcast. He is an American Psychological Association Fellow and recipient of the John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Career or Personality Research (APA Div. 17) and the Applied Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Award (APA Div. 36). He lives with his wife Amy and their four sons in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Redeeming Work: A guide to discerning God’s calling for your career.  Templeton Press, 2020. is Bryan’s site for sharing stories of calling, tools, how-to’s, blog posts, news and research

Resource and Discussion Guide for Make Your Job a Calling, Molloy, K. A., & Dik, B. J. (2014), including blogs, assessment tools, surveys, analytics, and measures, for employers, individuals, and educators

Bryan’s Colorado State University CV, with lists of publications, papers, honors and presentations

Intro to JobZology’s origins and purpose  (video 4 min)

Psychology Today blog: VocationVocationVocation, regular contributor with Ryan Duffy, from 2012

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