Tuition and Fees for MentorCoach ADHD Certification

1.  Level One Tuition and Fees
2.  Level Two–Certified ADHD MentorCoach (CAMC)
3.  Tuition and Fees If You Are Already a Certified Coach:


1. Level One Tuition and Fees

The Tuition and Fees for the Level One MentorCoach classes
needed to obtain the AAMC
Plus Individual Supervision on ADHD Coaching
TOTAL for Level One AAMC


2. Level Two–Certified ADHD MentorCoach (CAMC) Tuition and Fees

Upon completion of the Level Two ADHD Coach Training, you will receive the designation of a Certified ADHD MentorCoach (CAMC) and the Certified MentorCoach Certification (which leads directly to ICF Certification).  Note: The fee for Level One is $5,731.  The fee for Level Two—which includes Level One fees—is $8,881.  The actual total may vary depending on whether the student takes additional electives.

Tuition and Fees for obtaining AAMC (Level One)
Tuition and Fees of additional MentorCoach courses
about $2100
Tuition and Fees of Individual Supervision with Anne Durand, MCC
Tuition and Fees of ADHD Oral Exam
TOTAL for Level Two ADHD Certification (includes Level One fees)


3. Tuition and Fees If You Are Already a Certified Coach

If you have been designated a Certified MentorCoach (CMC) by MentorCoach® or if you are an ICF Certified Coach (ACC, PCC, or MCC), you have already demonstrated that you have coaching skills at or above the level of an ICF Certified Coach.

In this case, you can become a PAAC Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) through MentorCoach® by doing all of the following:

(1) Completing the three Positive Psychology and ADHD coaching classes shown in Section a above:

  • Positive Psychology and ADHD Coaching (13 hours)
  • Positive Psychology and Advanced ADHD Coaching:  Adults (14.5 hours)
  • Positive Psychology and Advanced ADHD Coaching:  College Students, Teens, Children and Parents (14.5 hours)

(2) Passing an oral exam by submitting a 30-minute recording of one of your coaching sessions.

(3) Passing an open book written exam (application, written (multiple choice and essay)

(4) Demonstrating that you have completed at least 150 hours of coaching ADHD clients and/or clients whose lives have been impacted by someone with ADHD. Of these 150 hours, at least 105 must be paid coaching hours, while up to 45 may be pro bono. Additionally, these 150 hours of coaching must be accrued by coaching at least 10 different clients.

Tuition for three ADHD Classes
ADHD oral exam fee
Open book written exam fee
TOTAL to Become a PAAC Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) if you are already a Certified Coach 


MentorCoach® reserves the right to modify the tuition for courses.

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