MENTORCOACH Logo Merchandise from Land’s End

Mentorcoach Logo Merchandise available from Land’s End

Dear MCPers,

Great news. We’ve just set it up with Land’s End Corporate that you can order any clothes or anything in their catalog with the MentorCoach Logo on it. It’s a beautiful logo. The clothing I’ve used it with have been purple polo shirts (our MentorCoach color) with the logo in white. However, you can alter the color to fit whatever you want. For example, if you had a white shirt, you might want the logo to be purple (or black). You can have it put on anything in their corporate catalog.

To get the corporate catalog, call Land’s End at 1-800-338-2000. (OR, ORDER THE CATALOG ONLINE)

One side benefit of wearing the shirts, I’ve found, is that people ask me what MentorCoach is and I can explain about our coach training community or talk about how much I love coaching.

To order use the following information:

  1. Our logo number is 0491043
  2. My customer Number is 3611308
  3. The cost of a purple polo shirt with the logo is about $30 though you can have it put on anything else.
  4. Be sure to request that it be shipped to you.

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