Special Focus Seminars

Every coach needs great coaching skills, but the ability to develop and market your services, brainstorm about potential niches, refine your operations and management, and many other nuts-and-bolts issues are critical to building a successful practice as well.

MentorCoach frequently offers free and moderately priced special workshops for our students and graduates that go beyond the confines of theory and skill building. These teleworkshops are not a required part of our curriculum and students are free to pick and choose their areas of interest. Conducted via teleconferencing, our special-focus seminars allow students to sharpen their practice development without ever leaving home — simply by accessing their telephone.

Special Focus Seminars, past and future, include:

  • How to Design a Web Site
  • How to Create Effective Email Newsletters
  • Creating a Powerful Five-Year Vision
  • Developing a Strategic Business Plan
  • Superstar Interviews

Member - International Coach Federation

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