If You Are Not a Helping Professional

Not a problem!

Many of our best coaches were not helping professionals. Take Anne Durand, MCC, our CEO, one of the most successful coaches in the country, and a preternaturally gifted coaching supervisor and teacher. Anne, in a previous life, was for 20 years a Director of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. She then started one of the premier glass galleries in the US, in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. She later sold her gallery, transitioned full-time into coaching, and has never looked back!

So whether you’re a helping professional or not, you can take part in MentorCoach Training providing you meet certain qualifications.

In each class roughly half of our participants are not helping professionals, coming from other disciplines. They come because our coach training is unparalleled.

Cross-disciplinary participants have, for example, been consultants, trainers, educators, entrepreneurs, writers, attorneys, MBAs, corporate executives, small business owners, work-at-home Mom’s, and other professionals interested in developing a part-time or full-time coaching practice.

Our chief criteria for the cross-disciplinary professionals is that they have:

  • The ability to listen empathically
  • Extremely strong interpersonal skills
  • The willingness and commitment to keep all classes confidential

  • A commitment to follow the highest ethical standards as proposed by the International Coach Federation and their own professional organizations

  • The ability to fit smoothly into a class that is comprised of very bright professionals, many with Masters and Ph.D. level training

  • A strong interest in becoming a coach who helps others make transformative changes in their professional and/or personal lives

If you feel you can meet these criteria, we would love to have you. As a next step, please read the MentorCoach Training Program description.


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