MentorCoach is proud to announce the following exciting master class:

With Anne Durand, MCC, MentorCoach CEO and Training Director

Mondays at 7:00 pm Eastern
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Begins Monday, September 9, 2013


24 classes at 60 minutes each
$795 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)
or 3 payments of $285 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)

NOTE: With rare exceptions, the Individual Coaching Skills Master Class is NOT open to the public. It is open only to graduates of or students currently enrolled in the MentorCoach Foundations Coach Training Program. (The rare exception requires permission of the instructor and of the MentorCoach office.)

Hear Anne Durand, Ben Dean and four current students in the Individual Skills Master Class talk about this class, how it's structured, how skills are learned, how it dramatically increases coaching skills, confidence, and more. (16 mins.) Click here to stream the audio or download an mp3 here.

Intensive Individual Coaching Skills MasterClass gives you the opportunity to work with Master Coach Anne Durand, who transforms students into amazing coaches.

This class focuses on giving you the coaching skills you need to be an effective and confident coach. As a former student says, "It's six months of practice in a place where it is safe to try, safe to fail, and where there is excellent guidance and feedback at every step of the way."

You will learn that coaching is all about knowing the skills, knowing how to use them, knowing what your role is as a coach, and knowing what you need to be as a coach.

Skills Trainer Anne Durand, MCC, is also the CEO and Training Director of Mentor Coach. In addition, she is an assessor for the International Coach Federation, giving the MentorCoach Skills students an enormous advantage in their coach training.

Are you currently enrolled in Foundations? You can take Skills concurrently with Foundations. Many students do just that!

Interested in becoming certified? Skills is a required course for certification. It is also a prerequisite for the Supervision class.

The class meets one hour each Monday for 24 weeks. Tuition for the class is $795 (+ $75 for optional CEUs).

Intensive Individual Coaching Skills is devoted to teaching you the 24 International Coach Federation - mandated core skills by drilling down, one week at a time, into each skill. The focus is totally on the skills of coaching.

The Skills class gives you the opportunity to practice, practice, practice those important core skills. While having clients will give you more opportunity to practice the skills, you aren't required to have clients in order to take this class.


--You will use Co-Active Coaching as a text, specifically its description of coaching skills.
--In the first week and in every week after that, the class focuses on one coaching skill.
--Anne will demonstrate the skill with someone in the class in a 5-minute coaching.
--Anne will give tips and hints on how to work with the skill effectively.
--Students will use the skill in coaching each other during class time.
--You will discuss how each skill is used in other professions in contrast to the skill's unique use in coaching.
-- Anne will include positive psychology coaching approaches and the unique MentorCoach methods
-- Anne draws on Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness and uses interventions that were taught in the MentorCoach Authentic Happiness course, taught by Martin Seligman.
--You'll learn ways to use and build on positive psychology strengths in your coaching.
--With your homework partner, you'll use the skill of the week, holding to a structure of
25 minutes of coaching and 5 minutes of feedback.
--If you miss a class, you can make it up by joining one of Anne's other Skills class for the class/skill you need to make up.

This is an experiential, hands-on class. The information is specific, concrete, and succinct. Then it's practice until you get it. The learning is in the doing

In learning skills, you learn how to be the container for the client's agenda. The client has control, and as coach, you are secondary to the client. You learn how to put your intuition first and ask questions.


Intensive Individual Coaching has been a great course! It has supplied me with a number of tools to aid in my coaching and has further supplied me with experience in how to use those tools effectively either through coaching myself or through listening to others being coached by my classmates. Anne is superb in explaining the many different scenarios that can arise during a coaching session and the many different methods to deal with those situations. I feel much more equipped and confident having taken this course. Anita Greenberg


Anne Durand is an executive coach who specializes in life and business issues for executives working in corporate, non-profit, academic and small business spheres. Anne launched her private coaching career after 20 years as an executive for one of the world's major financial institutions where she worked directly for the CEO, coaching him and his staff through a delicate corporate cultural change. In addition, in 1985 she opened a gallery selling contemporary American glass art which has been featured in national magazines and the Washington Post, and filmed for the Travel Channel. She sold the gallery in 1999 and now exclusively focuses on her work coaching executives.

Anne serves as CEO and coordinates the MCP Training Team, the group of senior clinician-coaches who lead our MentorCoach® Programs, and leads our Business/Executive Coaching Master Classes, which are part of the MentorCoach® Certification Program.

Anne Durand, MCC,
MentorCoach Training Director
Mondays 7:00 - 7:59pm ET
Monday September 9, 2013
Six months (24 Mondays)
Student/Graduate MCP Foundations
*REQUIRED* for Certification
24 hours of CEUs
24 hours

$795 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)
or 3 payments of $285 (+ $75 for optional CEUs)
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