MentorCoach is proud to announce the following exciting master class:


With Judy Krings, PhD, PCC

8 Mondays
From 12:00 to 1:15 pm Eastern
All Time Zones
Eight 75-minute classes*
Starts April 30, 2018
*No class Memorial Day (5/28/18)

Or 3 payments of $215
(plus optional $75 for CEs)
10 hours toward Coach Certification
10 hours of CEs & ICF CCEUs (Core Coaching Competencies)
Class size limited. First come, first served.

Listen to Judy talk with Ben Dean about her love of positive psychology, its essential power in coaching, how positive psychology can be integrated into any coaching practice, the rich toolbox of PP assessments and interventions that every student will receive, a vivid class description and much more. (22 mins)
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An Exhilarating Journey for Coaches Who Want to Learn to Incorporate the Scientific Study of What Goes Right In Life and How To Get More of It -- Happiness, Well-Being, and Flourishing.

1. Who Should Attend?

If you have heard about the science of positive psychology, but the specific concepts are vague, this course will ignite your leaning and enrich your coaching repertoire. It will clarify your understanding of the life-enhancing principles that lead your way to flourishing and living your best life now.

This exciting class is designed with you and your clients' positivity enhancement in mind. To joyfully enable you to whip up well-being and immediately begin to apply meaningful positive psychology success strategies in your own life. To help you reach your fullest potential and energetically accomplish your personal and professional goals.

If you are a coach, counselor, therapist, manager, leader, parent, or life adventurer, this course is your starting point for discovering your personal power. Your inspiration will open the doors to positivity for everyone you touch.

2. What Will You Learn?

You will savor learning in an upbeat, metaphor-rich, enthusiastic course offering you leading-edge positive psychology research-based knowledge and practical coaching tips.

You will boost your confidence by understanding what positive psychology is and how to apply it to your life immediately. You will enthusiastically empower the people you serve and those you love.

You will identify your strengths and be open, curious and flexible about how to use them to spice up and live your best self life. You will be enlightened to know success is achieved by developing your strengths, not by eliminating your weaknesses.

You will gain personal insight and understanding by taking short assessments. Your results will help you and your clients to open your senses, power-up positivity, and expand happiness and resilience.

You will learn how to use PERMA to design your recipe for success in your personal and professional life.

You will appreciate how positive relationships, social connections and gratitude are well-being blessings at all life levels.

You will learn how to use positive psychology to set goals, make action plans, and celebrate when you achieve them.

You will be introduced to the basic principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Techniques (ACT), Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI), and Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Also, you will explore Barbara Fredrickson's micro-moments of love, 10 Positive Emotions and Loving-Kindness meditation.

3. What If You’ve Already Taken a Positive Psychology Class?

If you’ve already taken an introductory positive psychology class:
This will be an exciting course taught by a passionate positive psychology coach. This course is intended to be an introduction to the field. If you have already taken other introductory courses in positive psychology, it may still be on target for you if you are interested in adding the latest research to your existing knowledge. It may also make sense if you want a review (remember, overlearning is the route to mastery) or want to see how a senior positive psychology coach and gifted teacher organizes and teaches this material. Finally, it may make sense if you want to begin learning how to actually apply PP knowledge in your coaching.

If you’ve already taken advanced positive psychology classes:
If you have taken other more advanced courses in positive psychology (with Chris Peterson, the MAPP program, etc.), this class may not be for you. That is, unless you would like to deepen your mastery through review and/or see how a senior positive psychology coach like Judy teaches this class and applies positive psychology in her own practice.

4. The Eight Weeks:

Week 1. Introductions and the History of PP. What exactly is Positive Psychology? Hear how Dr. Martin Seligman's pre-school daughter, Nikki, paved the way for this new science that changed the course of the world. What exactly is Positive Psychology?

Week 2. Character Strengths: What are they? How do I find mine? Why are they imperative to my well-being and happiness?

Week 3. Happiness and Well-Being: What is Subjective Well-Being and what is Happiness? Where do I score? How do I get more?

Week 4. Positive Relationships? Why are healthy relationships the linchpin to well-being and happiness? How can I improve mine? Who are the experts, and how can they help me?

Week 5. Work/Career/Social and Emotional Intelligence/Appreciative Inquiry. How can I apply positive psychology at work and home? What are the definitions? How and where can I learn more about Appreciative Inquiry and Social and Emotional Intelligence??

Week 6. Goal Setting. Why reaching goals eludes you. What are mindsets? Why does willpower fail you? Why do grit and perseverance matter? Why is happiness the precursor to success?

Week 7. Marty Seligman's PERMA and sample Positivity PowerPoint. A fun look at positive psychology personal and professional success strategies.

Week 8. Overview of basic coaching applications of: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Barbara Fredrickson's Positivity and 10 Positive Emotions research. How to be willing to accept life rather than conquer it, get unstuck, and broaden and build your positivity.

5. Readings: The course entails readings from a primary text--Chris Peterson's A Primer in Positive Psychology. In addition, Judy will send you a variety of relevant research articles, blogs, videos and coaching assessments from which you may choose your homework. OPTIONAL resources will be forwarded to you after class. You will be gifted with use of Judy's Dropbox packed with hundreds of infographics and other updated positive psychology resources.


Optional reading: Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Miller





6. Open to All

There are no prerequisites for this class. It is open to all, both from within the MentorCoach Community and without. We love welcoming students from other coach training programs as well.

7. Class Time and Schedule

8 Mondays from 12:00 to 1:15 pm US Eastern starting 4/30/18
Class Times for All Time Zones


Time (Eastern)

1. April 30th 12:00 pm

2. May 7th

12:00 pm

3. May 14th

12:00 pm

4. May 21st

12:00 pm

    May 28th NO CLASS (Memorial Day)
5. June 4th 12:00 pm
6. June 11th 12:00 pm
7. June 18th 12:00 pm
8. June 25th 12:00 pm

8. Course Tuition

Single Payment:
$599 (+ optional CE fee)
For CE information, see #11 below.

Monthly Payments:
Three monthly payments of $215 (+ optional CE fee)
For CE information, see #11 below.

9. Coach Certification

Become a Certified MentorCoach and ICF Certified Coach

Become a Certified Executive Coach

Become a Certified Wellness Coach

Become a Certified ADHD Coach

This class provides eight hours toward MentorCoach Certification as an elective for students meeting the class attendance requirement (See #12 below.) It can also provide 10 hours toward ICF Certification via an Accredited Coach Training Program such as MentorCoach or via the ICF Portfolio Approach.
This class is relevant to every one of MentorCoach's specific certification programs as well.

10. ICF Coach Continuing Education

Live Class Attendance. This class is pending approval for 10 CCEs (ICF Core Competencies) from the International Coach Federation for students meeting the class attendance requirement (see #12 below). There is no fee for ICF CCEs.

Listening by Recording. For students who will be listening to this class by recording, this class pending approval for 10 CCEs (ICF Resource Development) from the International Coach Federation for students meeting the class attendance requirement for listening by recording (see #12 below).

11. CEs

This class is approved for ten hours of CEs for social workers (NASW) and Marriage and Family Therapists in California (BBS). The CE administration fee is $75.

To receive credit for CEs, students must pay the CE fee and be present for 6.5 classes.

Note: The CE fee applies only if you are a licensed mental health professional in the US and need CEs from one of the organizations listed above. Otherwise, when you register, indicate that you do not need to pay the CE fee by choosing the "Base Unit Price with NO CE's"

12. Attendance Requirements

Every class is recorded. You may listen to some or all of the classes by recording at your leisure.

However, to receive credit for CEs, ICF CCEUs, credit toward MentorCoach Certification, or to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must be present for 80% of the class. Since the classes are 1:15 long, that comes to 6.5 classes. (How can you be present for half a class? Be present for the attendance code at the beginning or end of a class only.)

Listening to the class by recording does not count toward the 80% live attendance requirement for receiving CEs, credit toward MentorCoach Certification, ICF CCEs (Core Coaching Competencies), or a Class Certificate of Completion.

However, by listening by recording, you can earn ten hours of ICF CCEs (Resource Development) (pending approval) by listening to all eight sessions. You must notify Judy that you are planning to take the class by recording. (See #13 below.)

13. Listening by Recording.

Every class is recorded. Some students may listen to some or all of the classes by recording at their leisure, sometimes emailing in questions to Judy between classes. We applaud and support this practice. We know one well-known Australian professor who used to end his week listening to the recordings of Chris Peterson's lectures on Friday evenings, drinking white wine and reclining in his hot tub.

Note: Listening to all eight sessions of the class by recording DOES qualify the student to receive ten hours of ICF CCEUs (Resource Development) (pending approval). For students who will be listening to this class by recording, this class is pending approval for 10 hours of ICF CCEs (Resource Development) from the International Coach Federation. To qualify for these ICF CCEs, they must notify Judy early in the course of their intent to take the class by recording. Attendance-by-recording students must listen to all recordings and submit all class attendance codes within a week after the final class. They may also be asked to pass an open-book exam over the course content.

14. Refund Policy

You may withdraw your registration at any time before the beginning of the second one hour class and receive a full refund. You are responsible for the full tuition amount if you do not withdraw before the beginning of the second class.


Judy Krings, Ph.D., PCC, is a uniquely human personal/professional positive psychology coach and clinical psychologist. Judy has zestfully spent over a decade immersed in positive psychology (PP). She is a blissful writer/blogger and LOVES teaching PP classes to coaches who creatively blend theory and practical applications. In 2016, Judy was honored to present the welcome video at India's 4th Annual International Conference on Psychology and Applied Sciences.

She joyfully dived into her coaching career in 2007 and is proudly MentorCoach trained and certified by the International Coach Federation. She is also certified as a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Judy's down-to-earth, creative and upbeat coaching style helps you find meaningful positive psychology solutions to your most difficult problems. Judy empowers you to maximize your happiness, whip up well-being, and bask in your best self. She is known for her intuitive metaphors and innovative coaching applications. Judy's energy, humor, and passion set her apart as a coach who truly "walks her talk". She authentically inspires you to ignite and have fun maximizing your character strengths. To flourish and thrive, not just survive. She puts heart in helping you and joy in your journey. Her vigilant support fortifies your personal and business relationship-building. With zip and zest, you evolve and problem-solve.

With a professional career spanning four decades, Judy has assisted individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations worldwide. She created and hosted three radio talk shows, including her nationally syndicated Chicago "Dr. Judy Show". She also produced and hosted a TV show and aided international disaster relief efforts. A prolific writer, Judy originated self help and teen advice columns.

Recently, Judy authored positive psychology articles for premier issues of India's PsyInsight magazine and The Coach Exchange's Published! magazine. She also penned a relationship article for tce's Insights magazine and wrote an ebook on empowering relationships. In 2013, she was a featured coach in First for Women magazine. She also recorded a positive psychology program for the 2nd International Conference in India on Psychology and Applied Sciences. In 2014, she presented a keynote in New Delhi, India. She also authored her second book, Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience ~ 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last. in 2015, Judy was featured as "Coach of the Month" for the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence. She was also honored to be interviewed in a podcast hosted by famed Appreciative Inquiry guru, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel.

In 2012, Judy's vibrant positive psychology travel memoir book, Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity became an Amazon best seller in both print and kindle and resumed that status again in 2015. Dr. Martin Seligman's review graces the cover. Dr. Seligman also honored Judy by embracing her acronym "PERMA" highlighted in his bestselling book, Flourish.

With her beloved husband, Ken, Judy divides her time living on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Manitowoc, WI, and overlooking the Pacific in sunny Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta, MX. They have three children and four grandchildren. Judy also cherishes communicating with her adopted family in Nepal. An avid gardener and photographer, Judy enjoys traveling, reading, collecting psychological cartoons and metaphors, scouring the Internet for positive psychology articles, blogging, and appreciating art. She loves animals and never met a dog she didn't like!

Positive psychology flourishing awaits you at Judy's website,

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