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Intensive Individual Coaching Skills Master Class

24 one-hour classes
Meets twice a week for six months

This intensive six-month Master Class is a two-hour-per-week, two-track overview of social science-based theory relevant to coaching, along with an extensive coaching practice. One of the defining features of the MentorCoach Programs is its sustained emphasis on the theory and practice of coaching skills. Students taking this Master Class will gain a strong perspective regarding the current context of individual coaching and the ability to distinguish similarities and differences in virtual coaching interventions and typical interventions in psychotherapy and other helping relationships.

Our Master Class is based on a blend of models for coaching interventions and approaches we have refined since 1982. Students have specific opportunities for coaching practice, the chance to apply assessment methods and try numerous coaching approaches under supervised conditions. Among other topics, this course provides:

  • A series of models for individual coaching, including micro- and macro-level skills of coaching
  • A frame for the individual coaching relation
  • Methods for dealing with "resistance" in coaching
  • Effective approaches for the client not yet ready for action
  • State-of-the-art skill review from the initial intake through final session
  • Opportunity for small group demonstrations and actual life coaching on calls, homework and practice with actual coaching clients


Member - International Coach Federation

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