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Intensive Group Coaching

24 one-hour classes
Meets once a week for 6 months
Taught by Ben Dean, Ph.D., Master Certified Coach,
Founder & CEO, MentorCoach

Virtual coaching groups — circles of geographically separated clients united by a live, interactive phone teleconference — have a magic and power that more than compensates for the loss of visual information. Virtual coaching groups catapults the coach clinician from a purely local center of influence — at best, the metropolitan area in which they practice — to an enormous national, even global arena. In addition to allowing the coach to touch more people, virtual coaching groups offer clients the powerful opportunity to belong to a highly supportive learning community that may not be available where they live.

This Master Class covers the fundamentals of virtual and face-to-face coaching group design and creation, while bringing students to new heights in their group facilitation capabilities. All participants are required to design and run a 4- to 8-week virtual coaching group, as well as gain a clear understanding of:

  • The similarities and differences between group psychotherapy and group coaching
  • Why every coach should have in her arsenal the option of designing, marketing and leading virtual coaching groups
  • The eight kinds of virtual coaching groups including attraction groups, design groups, training groups, ongoing and open-ended coaching groups
  • How to mix and match groups to build a powerful clinical practice
  • What kind of niches best lend themselves to groups
  • "Alert" situations (the member who talks too much, being challenged by group members, handling a group revolt and others)
  • Teleclasses: how to design and lead the extremely large virtual group of 150, 1000 or more
  • Between calls: essential behind-the-scenes community-building work


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