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Business/Executive Coaching

24 one-hour classes
Meets once a week for 6 months
Taught by Anne Durand, CPCC

Corporate & Executive Coaching:
Establishing the coaching relationship with a corporate client requires polished skills, as well as a strong understanding of how businesses are structured and the role the executive plays. The executive client wants to know right up front that meeting with the coach will help the business function more effectively and improve its bottom line. The coach must quickly establish client buy-in in order to move into wider areas.

Developed to help clinicians hone their coaching skills within this specialized milieu, this intensive course provides a working knowledge of how successful businesses are organized and operate. Students will learn how to decipher areas where change can bring dynamic results and how to aid their clients to create an organizational vision that works:

  • Ethical and legal issues specific to working within organizational settings
  • Organizational Culture & Design: the role of Boards/Stockholders/Senior Management
  • The Leadership Role: identifying leadership styles
  • Impact as a key leadership trait: how to make it real for the senior management
  • Strategic planning
  • Professional resources, including performance feedback systems, customer surveys and incentive programs
  • Creating teams and meetings that work
  • When downsizing is inevitable
  • When to suggest major change: work redesign/re-engineering/employee alignment

Coaching the Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner:
Unlike the high-level business executive who operates within a corporate culture, small business owners face unique stresses and challenges of being on their own and shouldering all responsibility. The struggling of a small business may impact lives well beyond the owner, including those of family and employees.

Alarming statistics from the Department of Commerce point out a vast unmet need for coaching geared to small business owners. Of the millions of small businesses that are launched each year, 40% will indeed close their doors by the end of their first year. Of those remaining, 80% will fail in the next five years.

This extended session focuses on the special skills needed to coach entrepreneurs and small business owners, including:

  • Characteristics and special concerns of the entrepreneurs
  • The critical importance of business planning
  • Resources every small business owners needs
  • Models for group coaching
  • Strategies for success
  • Marketing concepts
  • Time management

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